Call of Duty: World at War war game
Call of Duty: World at War war game

Call of Duty: World at War (2008)

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Another game of the Call of Duty series concentrating on special operations during World War 2 - we start as an American prisoner in Japanese base on Makin Island, where American commandos rescue us from certain death. Together with them we have to fight through the jungle and into safety. Later we take part in Allied landing on Peleliu, where Japanese have prepared well for defence - we have to face improvised bunkers and ambushes.

Just like in previous Call of Duty games we play not only as soldiers from one nation, but this time it is limited to Americans on Pacific and Russians during their push towards Berlin. In Soviet campaign we start in the ruins of Stalingrad, where wounded veteran sniper is giving us the crash course in his profession. And it doesn’t mean only the use of the rifle, but also how to survive undetected in the city full of Germans.

Later the missions take us to Seelow Heights and the Berlin itself (as Soviet soldier), while as American we take part in Okinawa campaign (on board of PBY Catalina flying boat and among the infantry on the island attacking the Japanese fortifications).

Despite improved graphics and interesting plot the game had few flaws, linear gameplay being one of them. The battles were again very intensive and spectacular, but the movement of the our characters were limited and bits of the missions were far from being realistic (like the naval battle when we are aboard the Catalina). Overall not bad game, but concentrating more on gore of the battles rather than inspired tactics.

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