Commandos: Strike Force war game
Commandos: Strike Force war game

Commandos: Strike Force (2006)

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Fifth game from the Commandos series varied from previous productions offering the first-person point of view instead of third-person, but kept the climate and the goal of the original games. Comparing to other such war games (like Call of Duty or Medal of Honor) Commandos: Strike Force is presenting covert operations of small group of commandos behind enemy lines rather than battlefield simulation. This time the commandos start in France in 1942, later moving to Norway and Soviet Union (Battle of Stalingrad to be exact). Just like in previous Commandos games player has to make use of the special skills of his soldiers (sniper, Green Beret and spy) to keep their actions as quite and covert as possible and reach the goals. Usually this means to reach the target of the mission by causing as little alarm as possible, which in some cases is quite challenge. If we are unable to avoid being detected then we just have to make use of the weapons that we have.

Comparing with previous games Commandos: Strike Force offers new point of view and the missions require less skill and patience to comply, although it is still a stealth kind of a game rather than simle FPS. Of course for many of the hardcore Commandos fans it was a let down, but to be honest first person vies puts as much strain on the player as it was in previous games without the help of f.e. the view ranges of the guards.

The missions are not very original - similar situations were presented in other games, but still Commandos: Strike Force is quite good World War 2 game offering both stealth and shooter elements.

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