Far Cry 2 war game
Far Cry 2 war game

Far Cry 2 (2008)

Categories: first person shooters

Small Central Africa country is in the middle of civil war with two forces fighting for the control - United Front for Liberation and Labour (UFLL) and the Alliance for Popular Resistance (APR). Not that there is much to control, the whole country is in state of decay with last bits of civilization systematically destroyed by the mercenaries hired by both sides. In such complicated situation the player enters the stage and arrives to what is left of the capital city with mission to find and kill Jackal, the arm dealer that is providing weapons for both sides of the conflict. As an outsider he has to learn fast who he can trust and with whom he should make deals.

First-person shooter set in fictious African country that allows player to get involved in the conflict between two factions. With a little help from fellow mercenaries and contacts with the underground organizations he can choose different ways and different solutions to the situations that are popping up after each step he takes. The game offers a lot of freedom - we can choose the tasks and often choose the way we will deal with them. For example we can take up mission to kill a local police commander by order of the faction or attack his base and steal the weapon by order of the mercenary. Each of our decision slightly changes the further opportunities, but overall we have to deal with both sides and try to keep our mind on our own mission - finding the Jackal.

We can almost freely travel throughout the map using his feet, cars, boats, even gliders, but... on some occasions he can just take the bus. But what is most important the game really has a lot ways and opportunities to grasp and the wonderful surrounding of quite realistic Sub-Saharian Africa make every trip eventful. We have to deal not only with bases filled with mercenaries, but also with their outposts and the patrols in pickup trucks. There are plenty of different weapons to choose from according to what we need for particular mission - from silenced pistols, assault rifles to RPG, mortar, grenade gun and sniper rifles.

It really is one of the best and most entertaining first person shooters available - it takes long hours to complete the whole basic gameplay, visit all the locations, find the briefcases with diamonds, complete the side missions or just wander around in the wild. One of the very few flaws is the lack of dangerous animals in the area and respawning of enemies in every location, but apart from that it is a superb game.

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