Medal of Honor: Airborne war game
Medal of Honor: Airborne war game

Medal of Honor: Airborne (2007)

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Another game from Medal of Honor series about World War 2, this time we join US 82nd Airborne Division on extraordinary chain of operations in which they took part during the war. We start with the night landing on Sicily in 1943 and further invasion of Italy. Next step is the mission in Normandy, where the paratroopers were supporting landings on Omaha Beach during D-Day in 1944. Soon later, during the push towards borders of Third Reich, we land in Nijmegen during Operation Market-Garden and fight for control over the Dutch bridges. The last mission takes us into the Germany territory, where we attack one of the Nazi secret weapons - the anti-aircraft tower that is a threat to Allied airborne operations.

Medal of Honor: Airborne introduced a new feature in the series - we enter the battlefield as paratrooper dropped from the airplane, which means that we are in danger from the moment we leave the plane. Officially it gave the chance to start the game in any part of the map, but in practice it was not truth - yes we could steer the parachute, but in some parts of the map mysterious wind blocked any further movement. Second new bit of gameplay was linked to the fact that we are taking part of parachuter, which means that out weaponry is limited to light arms only. But to keep the game real we can pick up the German weapon and use it instead.

The missions are a bit different from previous games - we land behind enemy lines and from the beginning we are surrounded by Axis forces and we have to locate our targets. The areas we are fighting in vary in style and in the enemies we will encounter, but each time we have to quickly take control over the area, often we can also decide in what order we will achieve the goals.

Comparing to previous games Medal of Honor: Airborne is filled with fast action during the most important battles of World War 2, but unfortunately the creators decided to put entertainment over the realism and (especially in last mission) the map and the enemies are straight from science fiction.

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