Medal of Honor: Allied Assault war game
Medal of Honor: Allied Assault war game

Medal of Honor: Allied Assault (2002)

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First-person shooter game presenting the operations of World War 2 from perspective of American soldier taking part in Allied special operations behind the enemy lines. We start in North African desert, where we rescue British agent and help him create havoc among German forces that soon will be attacked by Allied invasion (Operation Torch). Second mission is taking us to Norwegian fjords, where we have to sneak into U-Boat dock hidden under the rocks and blow up the German submarine.

Third theater of action is at the Normandy beaches during D-Day, where we have to survive the landings and fight our way through the German defence lines. As follow up we are pushing through the Northern France. Last mission is deep behind enemy lines - we land in snowy forests of Bavaria, where our target is secret German underground factory.

The scenery that changes with each missions keeps the players entertained for long time, the missions require different approaches (sometimes sneaking past the guards, sometimes sniper rifle is the answer). Since we are fighting behind enemy lines sometimes it is neccessery to use a disguise, but one of the great details about original Medal of Honor: Allied Assault is that even when detected by enemy we can still try to switch off the alarm and pretend we are not the enemy. Of course not every German soldier will fall for that.

The game had also two expansion packs called Spearhead
and Breakthrough, in which we took part as regular soldiers in different vital battles of World War 2: D-Day again (this time as paratrooper), Battle of the Bulge and the Battle of Berlin in Spearhead, in Breakthrough it was the southern theater from North Africa to Italy.

The game was developed with help of film director Steven Spielberg (the D-Day section is obvious link to Saving Private Ryan) and became the new icon for the World War 2 games. Classic that lead to few more World War 2 themed FPS games.

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