5 Days of War war movie
5 Days of War war movie

5 Days of War (2011, United States)

Categories: infantry moviespolitical movies

Running time: 110 minutes

Language: English / Russian / Georgian

In 2008 American journalist Thomas Anders and his cameraman are cought in the crossfire when Russia invades South Ossetia, part of Georgia. The Russian airplanes Su-25 drop bombs on the village, where the wedding party was in the full swing - the locals and the foreigners have to flee while Russian tanks and infantry advance. With help from a Georgian soldier Anders and cameraman Sebastian Ganz manage to avoid the danger, but not for long - ruthless Russian soldiers are on their trail trying to stop them from publishing the tapes they have filmed showing how Russian army was "freeing" the South Ossetia by attacking civilians. But Anders was war correspondent during Iraq War in 2007 and knows that his material is the only hope to break the apathy in which world reacts to the actions of Russia.

The film shows the reality of 5 Days War (also known as Russo-Georgian War) - when Russian army moved into the territory of Georgia on the pretext of protecting the Russian citizens in South Ossetia (which gained a new meaning during the invasion of Crimea in 2014) and hoping that since the attack took place just before the opening of 2008 Olympics in Peking, world will not support Georgia (and sadly they were right).. Although made of right reasons the movie is only average at best - shows only small part of the conflict and looks like the creators couldn’t make up their minds if they want to make war movie, action thriller or semi-documentary. What they finally published was neither of those kinds - it is, as situation in Ukraine has later proven, justified accusation of Russian government of invasion of independent country, but despite good cast it was dealt with really heavy-handedly.

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5 / 10

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3 / 5

5 Days of War full movie

full movie 5 Days of War
full movie 5 Days of War
full movie 5 Days of War

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5 Days of War

Creators of 5 Days of War

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Cast of 5 Days of War

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as Thomas Anders

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as Sebastian Ganz

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as President Mikhail Saakashvili

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as Dutchman

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Events depicted in 5 Days of War

Five-Day War (2008) Occupation of Gori (13 Aug 2008)