Action in the North Atlantic war movie
Action in the North Atlantic war movie

Action in the North Atlantic (1943, United States)

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Running time: 126 minutes

Language: English

Soon after American joined World War 2 an old tanker crossing Atlantic is sunk by U-Boat. The crew manages to evacuate on lifeboat, but after surfacing the captain of submarine decides to ram the lifeboat and the sailors end up in water waiting to be rescued. After being saved they return to America and await new Merchant Navy assignments. After what happened during last journey some of them have doubts if it isnít too much risk to enlist again. This time they get assignment to a brand new, modern merchant ship of Liberty class. Their new ship will take part in a large Atlantic convoy transporting military equipment for Soviet army. Even though it is risky journey, this time they will have guns aboard, to defend themselves against submarines and planes, and young cadets to make use of the guns. From day 1 the crew and cadets donít get along, but when they join the convoy all the differences must put aside since Germans are preparing to intercept the convoy.

Story of American merchant navy sailors that take part in large convoy heading towards the Murmansk in Soviet Union. Humphrey Bogart as first officer and from the beginning a gripping plot that shows how risky was crossing the Atlantic on merchant ship, even armed with guns. The sailors aboard them played important part in whole war machine, but they could never feel safe.

Classic war movie made during World War 2, thus the propaganda elements in the plot. Of course it lacks realism here and there, the dialogues are sometimes a bit corny, but great cast, very interesting story and a real feeling of adventure. Overall one great war movie.

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8 / 10

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3 / 5

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5 / 5

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3 / 5

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Creators of Action in the North Atlantic

Lloyd Bacon movies

Lloyd Bacon


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Guy Gilpatric


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A.I. Bezzerides


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Cast of Action in the North Atlantic

Humphrey Bogart movies

Humphrey Bogart

as Lt. Joe Rossi

Raymond Massey movies raymond-massey

Raymond Massey

as Capt. Steve Jarvis

Alan Hale movies alan-hale

Alan Hale

as Boats OíHara

Dane Clark movies dane-clark

Dane Clark

as Johnnie Pulaski

Julie Bishop movies julie-bishop

Julie Bishop

as Pearl OíNeill

Sam Levene movies sam-levene

Sam Levene

as Chips Abrams

Dane Clark movies dane-clark

Dane Clark

as Johnnie Pulaski

Ruth Gordon movies ruth-gordon

Ruth Gordon

as Sarah Jarvis

Peter Whitney movies peter-whitney

Peter Whitney

as Whitey Lara

Dick Hogan movies dick-hogan

Dick Hogan

as Cadet Ezra Parker

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Events depicted in Action in the North Atlantic

World War II (1936-1945) Battle of the Atlantic (3 Sep 1939)

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