Aerial Gunner war movie
Aerial Gunner war movie

Aerial Gunner (1943, United States)

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Running time: 80 minutes

Language: English

Policeman Jon Davis finds "Foxy" Pattis at the fair and wants to talk to him about Foxyís fatherís death, an ex-con, who just committed suicide. Although Davis did nothing wrong he feels guilty about it, while Foxy is furious at all policemen for harassing his father all his life. He feels that each time his father got a good job he always was called on by the police as one of the usual suspects, which put off any employers from keeping him. Davis also came to say goodbye - America has joined the World War 2 and he enlisted to join active service. After basic training he volunteered to train for bomber crew and ended up in training base in Texas only to end up with Foxy Pattis as instructor of his flight. As he promised before Foxy will do anything to make Davisí life a misery as repay for suicide of his father.

Movie made during the war to boost morale and convince people how important help for war effort would be for them to join the air force and become part of bomber crew. Unfortunately the main plot is rather simple, and the personal dimension (the conflict between Foxy and Davis) seems forced and not particularly interesting. Aerial Gunner is worth seeing for the educational reasons only - it is one of very rare chances to take a look behind the walls of military training bases and see how the gunners and bomber crews are mastering their skills before facing the enemy. Rest of the movie isnít particularly good. Yes, there is interesting part at the end when actual mission takes places, but it simply isnít enough to keep viewers interested.

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4 / 10

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3 / 5

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1 / 5

Historical accuracy

2 / 5

Aerial Gunner full movie

full movie Aerial Gunner
full movie Aerial Gunner

Creators of Aerial Gunner

William H. Pine movies

Maxwell Shane movies

Maxwell Shane


Cast of Aerial Gunner

Chester Morris movies chester-morris

Richard Arlen movies richard-arlen

Jimmy Lydon movies jimmy-lydon

Jimmy Lydon

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Events depicted in Aerial Gunner

World War II (1936-1945)

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