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War movies often show the worts times in the history of human kind, but even in those times the humanity sometimes was able to overcome to gore and horror. The war brings the worst sides of human nature, but at the same time can show the best sides of people. As many veterans of war say they often are not hurt phisically, but the damages that were done to their souls cannot be repaired.

Dunkirk evacuation

Dunkirk evacuation

77 years ago on 27 May 1940 Dunkirk evacuation took place. After the blitzkrieg tactics from German armoured divisions put British and French forces out of balance they were unable to defend their positions and British Expeditionary Forces were called back to retreat to French port of Dunkirk, where ships will withdraw them back to England.

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Street Fighter V 2017 Deluxe Edition

Street Fighter V 2017 Deluxe Edition

Rockstar Bundle

Rockstar Bundle

Apocalypse Now war movie
Apocalypse Now war movie
Apocalypse Now war movie
Apocalypse Now war movie
Apocalypse Now war movie
Apocalypse Now war movie
Apocalypse Now war movie
Apocalypse Now war movie
Apocalypse Now war movie
Apocalypse Now war movie

Apocalypse Now war movie


Apocalypse Now (1979, United States)

Original / alternative title: Apocalypse Now Redux

Categories: jungle movieshelicopter moviesnavy moviescovert operations movies

Running time: 200 minutes

Language: English

Captain Benjamin L. Willard is a veteran of special operations in Vietnam. Now, during another tour of duty, he drinks too much, he became cynical and disillusioned with the war itself. Colonel Lucas and General Corman assign him to a mission, where his current state of mind could be a vital asset. They give Willard the files of Colonel Kurtz of Green Berets with simple enough order - they want him dead. Soon Captain Willard joins the crew of a gunboat (PBR boat) that will take him up the Nung River into the neutral Cambodia, where Kurtz seems to be some sort of cult leader. During the journey he reads the files of his target and canít really understand why so distinguished soldier as Kurtz could become a threat to American operations in Southeast Asia. He was part of the observers operation sent into Vietnam to stop communism from spreading into South Vietnam, but with time he built cult-like group of followers and locked himself away from the civilization deep inside the jungle. His soldiers attacked attacked units from both sides of the conflict - no matter if they were American, South Vietnamese, Viet Cong - whoever he decided is the enemy of his cause can expect a ruthless battle with his forces. Willard arrives to area full of communist forces and his orders are to use support of 1st Cavalry Division under command of Lieutenant Colonel Kilgore, but soon Willard discovers that Kilgore is as messed up and detached from reality that it begins to scare even his closest subordinates. During the airborne attack on Viet Cong village he already plans how to make use of the unique waves on the river, so he could surf. When he orders two of his officers to check out the waves during the artillery attack Willard decides to abandon the support and carry on on his own. The gunboat sets out up the river.

Film based on Joseph Conrad novel Heart of Darkness shows the whole insanity that was surrounding Vietnam War - Viet Cong brutality, American intervention and covert operations, French detachment from reality and desperate try to keep their colony, high rank soldiers that are literally insane and should be put away instead of creating hell for the civilians and the soldiers. All of it shown through a single mission that even donít touch the high level politics. The dark and mysterious atmosphere taken from Conradís novel is even more distinct when the plot was moved from Africa to Southeast Asia and the main character is a soldier, who done some shady missions in the past, but even he realizes that what is going on around him is far beyond the human perception. A unique war movie that shows only small bits of the conflict, but at the same time summarizes the whole thing. A must see movie.

Our rating

7.2 / 10

Film value

8 / 10

Realism factor

3 / 5

Adventure factor

5 / 5

Historical accuracy factor

2 / 5

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Creators of Apocalypse Now

Cast of Apocalypse Now

Martin Sheen movies martin-sheen
as Captain Benjamin L. Willard

Frederic Forrest movies frederic-forrest
as Engineman Jay Hicks

Albert Hall movies albert-hall
as Chief Petty Officer George Phillips

Sam Bottoms movies sam-bottoms
as Gunnerís Mate Lance Johnson

Laurence Fishburne movies laurence-fishburne
as Gunnerís Mate Tyrone Miller

Robert Duvall movies robert-duvall
as Lieutenant Colonel William Kilgore

Marlon Brando movies marlon-brando
as Colonel Walter Kurtz

Dennis Hopper movies dennis-hopper
as photojournalist

G.D. Spradlin movies g.d.-spradlin
as Lieutenant General Corman

Harrison Ford movies harrison-ford
as Colonel Lucas

Colleen Camp movies colleen-camp
as Miss May

Events depicted in Apocalypse Now

Vietnam War (1955-1975)