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War movies often show the worts times in the history of human kind, but even in those times the humanity sometimes was able to overcome to gore and horror. Some of the war movies present the soldiers on the front, sometime the civilians that suffer during the war. As many veterans of war say they often are not hurt phisically, but the damages that were done to their souls cannot be repaired.

Dunkirk evacuation

Dunkirk evacuation

77 years ago on 27 May 1940 Dunkirk evacuation took place. After the blitzkrieg tactics from German armoured divisions put British and French forces out of balance they were unable to defend their positions and British Expeditionary Forces were called back to retreat to French port of Dunkirk, where ships will withdraw them back to England.

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2K Essential Collection

2K Essential Collection

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For Honor Gold Edition

Arn - The Knight Templar war movie
Arn - The Knight Templar war movie
Arn - The Knight Templar war movie
Arn - The Knight Templar war movie

Arn - The Knight Templar war movie


Arn - The Knight Templar (2007, Sweden)

Original / alternative title: Arn: Tempelriddaren

Categories: cavalry moviesdesert moviesinfantry moviesknights movies

Running time: 140 minutes

Language: Swedish / Arabic / English

Arn Magnusson is son of powerful Swedish family of Folkung. Although he was raised in the monastery he was trained in swordsmanship and archery. As young man he gets involved in the struggle between his family and other over the crown of the Västra Götaland province. He fells in love with Cecilia Algotsdotter, who was already prepared by her family to become wife of someone else. For premarital relations they both are sentenced to be excommunicated and live for 20 years in convents. Arn leaves Sweden for Holy Land, where due to his skills and bravery he becomes Templar Knight. During the travel to Jerusalem he saves life of Saladin, the sultan of Egypt, who warns him not to visit the Holy City, since soon it will be attacked by his army. Arn is given the task of intercepting Saladin’s army before they reach Jerusalem.

Based on Jan Guillou’s novels the movie is interesting offer, although in many points it lacks the realism (f.e. Arn using the European sword in manner similiar to samurai sword which would hardly hurt anyone) and the most important parts of the war movie (battle scenes) are cut real short, so all we see is the outcome of the battle rather than battle itself. The movie is distributed worldwide as single movie, but originally there were two separate movies, which could explain why meaning of some scenes is hard to grasp.

It is partly war movie and partly love story, which means that there are some interesting bits and some rather boring bits, but overall it is rather interesting story even though the events are fictious version of real events (Crusades, fight for the Swedish throne).

Our rating

5.2 / 10

Film value

5 / 10

Realism factor

3 / 5

Adventure factor

3 / 5

Historical accuracy factor

2 / 5

Arn - The Knight Templar full movie

full movie Arn - The Knight Templarfull movie Arn - The Knight Templarfull movie Arn - The Knight Templar

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Creators of Arn - The Knight Templar

Peter Flinth movies


Jan Guillou movies


Hans Gunnarsson movies


Cast of Arn - The Knight Templar

Joakim Natterqvist movies joakim-natterqvist
as Arn Magnusson

Sofia Helin movies sofia-helin
as Cecilia Algotsdotter

Milind Soman movies milind-soman
as Saladin

Vincent Perez movies vincent-perez
as Brother Guilbert

Events depicted in Arn - The Knight Templar

Consolidation of Sweden (1000-1250) Crusades (1095-1291) Battle of Gestilren (17 Jul 1210) Battle of Montgisard (25 Nov 1177) Battle of Hattin (4 Jul 1187)