Bat 21 war movie
Bat 21 war movie

Bat 21 (1988, United States)

Original / alternative title: Bat*21

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Running time: 105 minutes

Language: English

Colonel Iceal Hambleton, US Air Force electronic warfare officer, prepares the plan of operation that aimed to detect the North Vietnamese radar stations so the airstrike could put them out of action. He volunteers to lead the mission aboard EB-66 Destroyer plane, but during the flight they are shot down. Hambleton jumped out of the damaged EB-66 and soon contacted Captain Bartholomew Clark flying over the area in O-2 Skymaster observation plane. Clark was his only hope to be rescued from the area full of enemy forces.

War movie based on true events that took place during Vietnam War - valuable electronic warfare officer was shot down over enemy area and had to survive 11 days behind enemy lines before being rescued by US forces. Bat*21 doesn’t depict the real events, some parts of the story were changed, but the basic idea reminded the same. Despite good cast and interesting story to build the plot upon the final effect is rather disappointing - film concentrates more on the unusual bond between Hambleton and Clark, but at the same time Hambleton’s real-life struggle to survive has changed into picnic trip. It was a wasted opportunity to make a really good movie.

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4 / 10

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3 / 5

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3 / 5

Historical accuracy

3 / 5

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Creators of Bat 21

Peter Markle movies

Peter Markle


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George Gordon


Cast of Bat 21

Gene Hackman movies

Gene Hackman

as Colonel Iceal Hambleton

Danny Glover movies danny-glover

Danny Glover

as Captain Bartholomew Clark

David Marshall Grant movies david-marshall-grant

David Marshall Grant

as Ross Carver

Jerry Reed  movies jerry-reed-

Jerry Reed

as Colonel George Walker

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Events depicted in Bat 21

Vietnam War (1955-1975)