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War movies often show the worts times in the history of human kind, but even in those times the humanity sometimes was able to overcome to gore and horror. The war brings the worst sides of human nature, but at the same time can show the best sides of people. Although sometimes the war movies can be awfully brutal, you have to remember that the war is not an adventure, it causes damages to people bodies and minds.

Dunkirk evacuation

Dunkirk evacuation

77 years ago on 27 May 1940 Dunkirk evacuation took place. After the blitzkrieg tactics from German armoured divisions put British and French forces out of balance they were unable to defend their positions and British Expeditionary Forces were called back to retreat to French port of Dunkirk, where ships will withdraw them back to England.

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Battle of Warsaw 1920 war movie
Battle of Warsaw 1920 war movie
Battle of Warsaw 1920 war movie
Battle of Warsaw 1920 war movie
Battle of Warsaw 1920 war movie
Battle of Warsaw 1920 war movie
Battle of Warsaw 1920 war movie
Battle of Warsaw 1920 war movie
Battle of Warsaw 1920 war movie
Battle of Warsaw 1920 war movie

Battle of Warsaw 1920 war movie


Battle of Warsaw 1920 (2011, Poland)

Original / alternative title: 1920 Bitwa Warszawska

Categories: cavalry moviesinfantry movies

Running time: 115 minutes

Language: Polish / Russian

the story takes place in WarsawMasoviaPoland

First Polish production about the turning point in history of not only Poland, but the whole Europe if not world. In 1918 Soviet Union was planning to spread the doubtful benefits of their revolution to the whole world, so their first step was towards the Germany. But on the way was lying Poland weakened after the World War I and still politically unstable since regaining the independence in 1918. But Polish government led by Jozef Pilsudski wasn’t gonna just surrender - Polish army held the Budionny Army on the Vistula River and after receiving intelligence report planned the counter-attack. We see this story mixed with the story of a single soldier, Jan Krynicki, who leaves his newlywed wife in Warsaw and goes on the front. After she receives the information about his death she joins the auxiliary forces and serves as nurse.

It’s hard to explain why, but recently there are only two kinds of Polish war movies - fairy tales (Hans Kloss - Stake Higher Than Death) and those spoiled by the glorification of the past. Battle of Warsaw 1920 looks like the creators were overwhelmed by the historical importance of the movie and were not sure if they wanted to make romance, musical, war movie or historical film. So... they’ve done all of it in one and what we see on the screen is total chaos.

People who doesn’t know anything about the Battle of Warsaw won’t find much informations about it (with the exception that Soviets were animals and Poles were civilized). People who doesn’t know anything about the history of the war will most likely find this movie confusing. It is mixture of historical facts placed between the cheesy romance story, completely unnecessary music numbers and bunch of fairly interesting subplots about the life in 1920s.

It was interesting project to finally make a movie about the Battle of Warsaw that saved Europe from Soviet invasion in 1920s, it took a lot of effort (even 3D technology), but all of it wasted on incomprehensible script and poor acting.

Our rating

5.2 / 10

Film value

3 / 10

Realism factor

3 / 5

Adventure factor

3 / 5

Historical accuracy factor

4 / 5

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Battle of Warsaw 1920

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Creators of Battle of Warsaw 1920

Cast of Battle of Warsaw 1920

Borys Szyc movies borys-szyc
as Jan Krynicki

Natasza Urbanska movies natasza-urbanska
as Ola Raniewska

Daniel Olbrychski movies daniel-olbrychski
as Jozef Pilsudski

Adam Ferency movies adam-ferency
as Bukowski

Boguslaw Linda movies boguslaw-linda
as Boleslaw Wieniawa-Dlugoszowski

Jerzy Bonczak movies jerzy-bonczak
as Captain Kostrzewa

Events depicted in Battle of Warsaw 1920

Polish-Soviet War (1919-1921) Battle of Warsaw (12 Aug 1920)