Beaufort war movie
Beaufort war movie

Beaufort (2007, Israel)

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Running time: 130 minutes

Language: Hebrew

Israeli soldiers are defending the Beaufort Castle, a crusades-era fortress in Lebanon. They are under constant bombardment from mortars and the roads around them are full of traps. The explosives expert that arrives to Beaufort has orders to remove all the mines from the road so the soldiers could make the retreat, but is killed and the soldiers just wait for the headquarters to give them the orders.

Anti-war movie presenting the 1982 Lebanon War from the point of view of Israeli veteran - the fear, the shattered nerves, lack of hope for survival and the pointlessness of their part in the war. The castle was in Israeli hands for last 18 years, but still they can’t say that they won or that they have control over the area. Now they have to leave behind the old stone walls that so many of their friends died to protect.

In many ways Beaufort is similiar to other war movies (The Desert of the Tartars or Lebanon) and concentrates more on the human aspect of the conflict and not the war itself. The soldiers hiding within the fortress just try to survive, they are not driven by the perhaps noble reasons for war, they only care about themselves and their families, the ideals behind the war are long forgotten.

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5 / 10

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4 / 5

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2 / 5

Historical accuracy

4 / 5

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Creators of Beaufort

Joseph Cedar movies

Joseph Cedar


Joseph Cedar movies

Joseph Cedar


Ron Leshem movies

Ron Leshem


Cast of Beaufort

Oshri Cohen movies oshri-cohen

Oshri Cohen

as Liraz Librati

Itay Tiran movies itay-tiran

Itay Tiran

as Idan Koris

Eli Eltonyo movies eli-eltonyo

Eli Eltonyo

as Oshri

Ohad Knoller movies ohad-knoller

Ohad Knoller

as Lieutenant Ziv Faran

Itay Turgeman movies itay-turgeman

Itay Turgeman

as Sergeant Tomer Zitlaui

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Events depicted in Beaufort

First Lebanon War (1982-2000)