Canopy war movie
Canopy war movie

Canopy (2013, Australia)

Categories: jungle moviespartisans movies

Running time: 80 minutes

Language: English / Mandarin

In 1942 Royal Australian Air Force pilot Jim is shot down during a mission near Singapore. He regains consciousness dangling on his parachute from the tree. While trying to get down he loses his pistol, the only weapon he has available, which is big deal since he landed behind enemy lines. With only his jungle survival kit he has to think of way to survive. Surrounded by the overwhelming nature he tries to figure out what to do. While he tries to fill his flask with water from nearby pond he spots upcoming Japanese soldiers and hides in the foliage. On the way through the jungle he encounters Chinese partisan Seng, who got separated from his unit. Now the two can support each other while they try to find a way back to their units while avoiding the Japanese patrols that calm the area. But apart from enemy they have yet another problem - Jim does not speak Chinese, while Seng does not understand any English.

Unusual war movie from Australia - the fictitious story of Australian pilot stranded in Malaya jungle, but it is hard to even call it a story since the plot is limited to just few events, since the main characters do not understand each other there are virtually no dialogues. Instead the creators concentrated on showing how insignificant and helpless feels a man thrown into the middle of the jungle and how in times of chaos people have to depend on each other even if they can’t really communicate. The first few minutes of the movie are simply overwhelming with the countless sources of sounds in the jungle and the intense feeling of being stranded in the wilderness. But apart from the obvious artistic value movie could be disappointing because of the mentioned lack of plot.

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4 / 10

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4 / 5

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2 / 5

Historical accuracy

2 / 5

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Aaron Wilson movies

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Events depicted in Canopy

World War II (1936-1945)