The Affair Gleiwitz war movie
The Affair Gleiwitz war movie

The Affair Gleiwitz (1961, Germany)

Original / alternative title: Der Fall Gleiwitz

Categories: covert operations movies

Running time: 70 minutes

Language: German / Polish

In Summer 1939 Germans were preparing for the invasion of Poland, but to make it easier for propaganda to convince the world that they had no choice and simply were forced to attack Heinrich Himmler prepared a series of covert operations under the name Operation Himmler. One of them was, what is today known as Gleiwitz incident, supervised by Reinhard Heydrich operation to capture the radio station in Gliwice, Poland (German name Gleiwitz) and broadcast the anti-German message in Polish. The mission was dangerous, so the Gestapo officer Alfred Naujocks was put in charge and prepared the plan. He was given order to include a prisoner from the Dachau concentration camp in his team, but later Naujocks finds out what was the purpose of that.

Almost documentary movie presenting the true events that took place in the night before 1 September 1939 when Germans, pretending to be Polish radicals, broke into the Polish radio station in Gliwice and broadcast the message in Polish calling the patriots to attack Germany. Hitler needed that little detail to justify the attack next morning. Filmed in East Germany the movie is accurate when it comes to the plot, but lacks a lot when it comes to narration or inspired direction.

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5 / 10

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4 / 5

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5 / 5

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Creators of The Affair Gleiwitz

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Gunther Rucker


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Cast of The Affair Gleiwitz

Hannjo Hasse movies hannjo-hasse

Hannjo Hasse

as Alfred Naujocks

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Christoph Beyertt

as Franz Sitte

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Wolfgang Kalweit

as Hans-Wilhelm Kraweit

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Georg Leopold

as Franz Wyczorek

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Herwart Grosse

as Gestapochef Müller

Hilmar Thate movies hilmar-thate

Hilmar Thate

as KZ-Häftling

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Events depicted in The Affair Gleiwitz

World War II (1936-1945) Invasion of Poland (1 Sep 1939)

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