Destroyer war movie
Destroyer war movie

Destroyer (1943, United States)

Categories: military base moviesnavy movies

Running time: 95 minutes

Language: English / Japanese

During World War 2 USS John Paul Jones, destroyer built during World War 1, was sinked on the Pacific. Steve Boleslavski, who used to be Chief Bosunís Mate on USS John Paul Jones now workd in the shipyard where new destroyer carrying that name will be built. When he finds out that his former pupil Clark will be captain of USS John Paul Jones II he thinks about returning to the active service. The problem is after he signed up Navy sent him to the naval base, where he will be taking care of new recruits. Nevertheless Boley, as everyone calls him, becomes the new Chief Bosunís Mate even though he had to take this position from younger, but more qualified Donohue. During the shakedown cruise, when the crew tests all the systems of new ship, the conflict between Boley and Donohue intensifies, especially since Donohue wants to marry Boleyís daughter. The problems with the ship lead to drop of crew morale and some of them begin to think that Boley is the jinx and he should be sent back to base.

War film made during World War 2 shows the navy point of view on the conflict and, as most movies from that era, shows elements of propaganda rather than realistic events. USS John Paul Jones is fictious ship (at least it was during World War 2), the encounter with Japanese forces can hardly be called realistic (or in some parts even logical), but the whole movie uses a lot of camera shots made at sea and not just taken from newsreels or other productions. Cast gave good performances, with exception of few scenes, the scripts was a preety good job.

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Film value

7 / 10

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3 / 5

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2 / 5

Historical accuracy

1 / 5

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Creators of Destroyer

William A. Seiter movies

Frank Wead movies

Frank Wead


Borden Chase movies

Borden Chase


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Lewis Meltzer


Cast of Destroyer

Edward G. Robinson movies edward-g.-robinson

Edward G. Robinson

as Steve Boleslavski

Glenn Ford movies glenn-ford

Glenn Ford

as Mickey Donohue

Marguerite Chapman movies marguerite-chapman

Marguerite Chapman

as Mary Boleslavski

Edgar Buchanan movies edgar-buchanan

Edgar Buchanan

as Kansus Jackson

Regis Toomey movies regis-toomey

Regis Toomey

as Lieutenant Commander Clark

Edward Brophy movies edward-brophy

Leo Gorcey movies leo-gorcey

Leo Gorcey

as Sarecky

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Events depicted in Destroyer

World War II (1936-1945)