Extortion of a Gray Day war movie
Extortion of a Gray Day war movie

Extortion of a Gray Day (1984, Poland)

Original / alternative title: Haracz szarego dnia

Categories: partisans moviesresistance movies

Running time: 85 minutes

Language: Polish / German

Young poet Tolek Gonczar joins the resistance group in Poland. Together with his friends Wlodek and Zosia they receive their first important orders - they take part in blowing up the train transporting troops to the eastern front. The operation seems to be well prepared - they have the explosives, few handgranades and guns. Tolek takes care of the old gatekeeper - he ties him up so Germans would not suspect him of collaboration - and waits for the train. The explosion blows up the bridge when the military transport was crossing it, but now the whole group is chased by the Germans.

One of the movies presenting not easy decisions young people had to take during the occupation of their countries - submit to Nazi oppression or take up the almost hopeless fight against the enemy. The three main characters of "Extortion of a Gray Day" chose to fight, which lead them to a sad ending. Although the story shown in the movie is quite interesting the whole production was, as many other Polish movies in 1980s, very cheap and the final product is far from being perfect.

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Film value

5 / 10

Realism factor

4 / 5

Adventure factor

2 / 5

Historical accuracy

2 / 5

Creators of Extortion of a Gray Day

Roman Wionczek movies

Roman Wionczek movies

Roman Wionczek


Janusz Krasinski movies

Cast of Extortion of a Gray Day

Marek Wysocki movies marek-wysocki

Marek Wysocki

as Tolek Gonczar

Jolanta Grusznic movies jolanta-grusznic

Boguslaw Augustyn movies boguslaw-augustyn

Andrzej Chudy movies andrzej-chudy

Andrzej Chudy

as Wlodek Karolak

Stanislaw Pak movies stanislaw-pak

Stefan Szmidt movies stefan-szmidt

Stefan Szmidt

as group leader

Janusz Paluszkiewicz movies janusz-paluszkiewicz

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Events depicted in Extortion of a Gray Day

World War II (1936-1945)

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