In Enemy Hands war movie
In Enemy Hands war movie

In Enemy Hands (2004, United States)

Categories: navy moviessubmarine movies

Running time: 95 minutes

Language: English / German

During a North Atlantic patrol American submarine USS Swordfish (a fictious one, not the real USS Swordfish that served in Pacific) is sunk by U-429 (again a fictious one, not the real one that served in Italy and Baltic Sea). Part of the American crew is taken prisoners and aboard the German boat sailors are taken by the infectious illness that may kill them. German captain has to make a tough decision - can he trust his enemies when both crews are in mortal danger?

The film that might have been interesting if the creators wouldn’t make so many so strange decisions - like mentioned above the use of real subs names to present fictious events and fictious characters, putting twenty-something actor to play the captain of the submarine (even on the training patrol it would be very unlikely to such inexperienced officer to be put in the position of captain), again making up the story that Americans did get the Enigma machine, creating a very unrealistic scenario of meeting of two submarines in the middle of the ocean (especially since American subs activity in that area was marginal), and so on, and so on. The whole project was based more on the hope that it would make an interesting story (which actually failed) rather than realism or common sense. Also the tension between characters among the crews and between the enemies are not convincing, which makes the whole project just another war flick and complete disappointment.

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Film value

4 / 10

Realism factor

2 / 5

Adventure factor

3 / 5

Historical accuracy

1 / 5

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Creators of In Enemy Hands

Tony Giglio movies

Tony Giglio


Tony Giglio movies

Tony Giglio


John E. Deaver movies

John E. Deaver


Cast of In Enemy Hands

William H. Macy movies william-h.-macy

William H. Macy

as Chief of Boat Nathan Travers

Til Schweiger movies

Til Schweiger

as Captain Jonas Herdt

Scott Caan movies scott-caan

Scott Caan

as Lt. Cmdr. Randall Sullivan

Thomas Kretschmann movies thomas-kretschmann

Thomas Kretschmann

as 1st Watch Officer Ludwig Cremer

Jeremy Sisto movies jeremy-sisto

Jeremy Sisto

as Jason Abers

Clark Gregg movies clark-gregg

Clark Gregg

as Executive Officer Teddy Goodman

Lauren Holly movies lauren-holly

Lauren Holly

as Rachel Travers

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Events depicted in In Enemy Hands

World War II (1936-1945) Battle of the Atlantic (3 Sep 1939)

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