Kokoda war movie
Kokoda war movie

Kokoda (2006, Australia)

Categories: infantry moviesjungle movies

Running time: 95 minutes

Language: English

In 1942 Japanese army landed on New Guinea with Port Moresby as their target. The only way to reach the city is a narrow trail that goes through the mountains and the jungle. Australians see the importance of Port Moresby - if taken by Japanese it would give them opportunity to bombard Australia and prepare for the invasion. The Kokoda Trail seems to be the last bastion for Aussies, so they deploy all the units available to defend it. Unfortunately Australian army is stretched on few frontlines and the only forces available for Kokoda Trail is Australian Imperial Force units formed of volunteers with no military experience. Their role would be to slow down Japanese before professional soldiers could arrive, but it seems unlikely that any reinforcements of the regular army will be available soon. Despite the malaria and dysentery the inexperienced Australians prepare a defence line that they hope would stop the Japanese, but when the enemy attacks in the middle of the night no one can tell how the battle goes. Six soldiers cut off from their unit have to find a way to return to Australian defence lines, but since one of them is injured it won’t be easy.

Australian war movie created as tribute to the heroes of the Kokoda Trail campaign, but due to budget limitations the final version of screenplay was cut down to a subplot about the small group of soldiers that are cut off from their unit. Stuck in the middle of the jungle they have to find a route that would allow them to return to their own lines. And it is pity that this is the whole story, because the veterans of Kokoda Trail really deserved something so much better than this movie. Let me put it this way - fight against invisible Japanese that lasts few minutes and then over an hour of wondering around in the jungle isn’t actually interesting, not to mention it is horribly monotonous. At the same time the heroism of defenders of Kokoda Trail is... not really mentioned before the end credits.

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Film value

2 / 10

Realism factor

3 / 5

Adventure factor

2 / 5

Historical accuracy

4 / 5

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Creators of Kokoda

Alister Grierson movies

Alister Grierson movies

John Lonie movies

John Lonie


Cast of Kokoda

Jack Finsterer movies jack-finsterer

Jack Finsterer

as Jack Scholt

Travis McMahon movies travis-mcmahon

Simon Stone movies simon-stone

Simon Stone

as Max Scholt

Luke Ford movies luke-ford

Luke Ford

as Burke

Tom Budge movies tom-budge

Tom Budge

as Johnno

Steve Le Marquand movies steve-le-marquand

Angus Sampson movies angus-sampson

Christopher Baker movies christopher-baker

Ewen Leslie movies ewen-leslie

Ewen Leslie

as Wilstead

Ben Barrack movies ben-barrack

Ben Barrack

as Lieutenant

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Events depicted in Kokoda

World War II (1936-1945) Kokoda Trail campaign (21 Jul 1942)