Lenin: The Train war movie
Lenin: The Train war movie

Lenin: The Train (1988, Italy)

Original / alternative title: Il treno di Lenin

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Running time: 200 minutes

Language: English

In 1917 the situation in Germany was a dire one - the food supplies were almost depleted, the country was struggling to fight on two fronts, three years of fight did not gained anything and the United States were close to joining the conflict. The generals were eager to close the eastern front with Russia and concentrated all their forces in the west, but since Russian Provisional Government did not pulled the country of the war they have to find a different solution. Doctor Parvus suggests unusual solution - he thinks that sending the revolutionary Lenin back to Russia could be the spark to ignite the revolution in that country and finally force Russians to withdraw. Germans are worried - Lenin would have to travel from Switzerland through the German territory, which could cause unrest in the country. They agree to let Lenin pass, but in "sealed" train, that for the travel will be extraterritorial to Germany and Lenin must not make any speeches on the way. Lenin agrees as long as he can take handful of trusted revolutionaries with him. They start the journey through country on a verge of collapse...

Italian political war movie, based on a novel by Michael Pearson, telling the story surrounding the real event, the Lenin train travel from exile in Switzerland back to his homeland. This event made the huge impact on the World War 1 by starting the Soviet Revolution and thus pulling out Russia from the war, but at the same time caused the future war while communists were trying to spread their views on the rest of the world. With Ben Kingsley as Lenin and with decent effort put in quite realistic recreating the early 20th century railways and buildings makes it a nice surprise for Italian production.

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Events depicted in Lenin: The Train

World War I (1914-1918)

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