Maiden Bridge war movie
Maiden Bridge war movie

Maiden Bridge (1976, Yugoslavia)

Original / alternative title: Devojacki Most

Categories: infantry moviespartisans movies

Running time: 95 minutes

Language: Serbo-Croatian / German

Four of Yugoslavian partisans are given the order to escort group of German prisoners to bridge known as Maiden Bridge. It’s not easy for them to keep the Germans alive since their own families have been killed or imprisoned by Wehrmacht or SS. They have to move through high mountains attacked by the German troops that don’t realize they actually shooting to their own soldiers among the partisans.

Yugoslavian movie kept in a typical style for their cinematography, but this time we see partisans not only fighting Germans, but also trying to see human beings in them. And same for the Germans - the prisoners make some sort of bond with their guards and look at the Yugoslavians in a different way. The story based on a real events isn’t particularly involving, but all the scenes takes place in breathtaking mountains of former Yugoslavia and shows how hard was it to fight in such unfriendly environment.

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Film value

5 / 10

Realism factor

4 / 5

Adventure factor

3 / 5

Historical accuracy

4 / 5

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Creators of Maiden Bridge

Miomir Stamenkovic movies

Petar Dulovic movies

Petar Dulovic


Cast of Maiden Bridge

Zarko Radic movies zarko-radic

Zarko Radic

as Djordje

Dragan Nikolic movies dragan-nikolic

Dragan Nikolic

as Kosmajac

Olga Kacijan movies olga-kacijan

Olga Kacijan

as Jelena

Marko Nikolic movies marko-nikolic

Peter Carsten movies peter-carsten

Peter Carsten

as German major

Tanasije Uzunovic movies tanasije-uzunovic

Tanasije Uzunovic

as Horst Vagner, SS officer

Rastislav Jovic movies rastislav-jovic

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Events depicted in Maiden Bridge

World War II (1936-1945)