Pearl Harbor war movie
Pearl Harbor war movie

Pearl Harbor (2001, United States)

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Running time: 180 minutes

Language: English / Japanese

The story of relations between two American pilots and a nurse - all of it weaved between the most important events at the beginning of World War 2: Battle of Britain, attack on Pearl Harbor and Doolittle Raid. Rafe McCawley during his medical exam meets beautiful nurse Evelyn, they spend evening together, but next day he is shipped to England - he joined the Eagle Squadron as volunteer to take part in Battle of Britain. During one of the patrols he is shot down over English Channel and presumed dead. Evelyn is transfered to Pearl Harbor, where she meets another pilot Danny Walker, who grew up together with Rafe. They fell in love, but one day Rafe shows up alive and well, now serving in US Air Force. Next morning Japanese airplanes attack Pearl Harbor.

War movie made with big budget, used a lot of spectacular camera work, huge amount of special effects (including computer generated special effects) and all of it... wasted to tell a cheesy love story and one of the most ridiculous war movies in history.

On one hand we have really spectacular depiction of attack on Pearl Harbor, made with a lot of effort, using real planes as well as special effects, but the plot of the movie is so weak, sometimes even pointless (like subplot with first black soldier to receive Navy Cross that is going absolutely nowhere), far too many slow-motion scenes and too often using sheer propaganda methods to tell the story.

This film was very criticized after the premiere and it was well deserved - there were so many mistakes, so many bad decisions made about this movie that it’s a shame that so much effort was wasted on such poor movie. It is worth to see the battle scenes, but the movie could have been 2 hours shorter without losing any value.

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Film value

3 / 10

Realism factor

2 / 5

Adventure factor

3 / 5

Historical accuracy

2 / 5

Pearl Harbor full movie

full movie Pearl Harbor full movie

Creators of Pearl Harbor

Michael Bay movies

Michael Bay


Randall Wallace movies

Randall Wallace


Cast of Pearl Harbor

Ben Affleck movies ben-affleck

Ben Affleck

as Rafe McCawley

Josh Hartnett movies josh-hartnett

Josh Hartnett

as Danny Walker

Kate Beckinsale movies kate-beckinsale

Kate Beckinsale

as Evelyn Johnson

Ewen Bremner movies ewen-bremner

Ewen Bremner

as Red Winkle

Alec Baldwin movies alec-baldwin

Alec Baldwin

as James Doolittle

Jon Voight movies jon-voight

Jon Voight

as Franklin Roosevelt

Cuba Gooding Jr movies cuba-gooding-jr

Cuba Gooding Jr

as Doris Miller

Makoto Iwamatsu movies makoto-iwamatsu

Makoto Iwamatsu

as Isoroku Yamamoto

Dan Aykroyd movies dan-aykroyd

Dan Aykroyd

as Thurman

Tom Sizemore movies tom-sizemore

Tom Sizemore

as Sistern

John Fujioka movies john-fujioka

John Fujioka

as Nishikura

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Events depicted in Pearl Harbor

World War II (1936-1945) Attack on Pearl Harbor (7 Dec 1941) Doolittle Raid (18 Apr 1942)