Red Dawn 2012 war movie
Red Dawn 2012 war movie

Red Dawn 2012 (2012, United States)

Categories: infantry moviespartisans moviesresistance movies

Running time: 90 minutes

Language: English / Korean

Small town in Washington is invaded by the North Korean army. They arrest the residents and start to indoctrinate them so they can be good communists. Group of teenagers avoid being caught and, despite that they are young and have to consider the fact that their families are in the hands of Koreans, start to fight with the aggressors as partisans.

Remake of 1984 movie Red Dawn was aimed to bring that story to the young people (I guess). And of course it’s not a crime to make a remake of good movie, or like in this case a decent movie, but it should be a crime to make a remake of the movie just to make a remake without adding anything of value to the project. Unfortunately if this would be a crime the prisons around Hollywood would be full for some years now.

The idea of the 2012 version of the movie is basicly identical to the original with few tiny changes, like moving the scenery from Colorado to Washington or replacing Cuban invaders with North Korea (which makes no sense at all, but was forced on the creators that planned to do a movie with Chinese forces invading) and that’s about it. Rest of the movie has not changed much, so what was the point of making the new version if they were not gonna make any use of the technology the film industry have gained since 1984? Money, I guess.

Actually there is one thing that has changed in this version of the movie - everything was made with as little realism as possible - group of teenagers without any problem can infiltrate the town supposedly filled with North Korean army, they gained high class weapons and knowledge how to use it without any explanation, American army full of professional soldiers was defeated by invaders, but those kids managed to fool the Koreans. Not to mention the idiotic beginning where hundreds of planes are attacking rather remote part of the United States... 1984 version at least was consistent.

Overall it is horrible movie that shouldn’t be made in a first place, but even it must have been done then they did it with minimum effort, poor acting and poor directing.

Our rating


Film value

4 / 10

Realism factor

2 / 5

Adventure factor

3 / 5

Historical accuracy

1 / 5

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Creators of Red Dawn 2012

Dan Bradley movies

Dan Bradley


Carl Ellsworth movies

Carl Ellsworth


Jeremy Passmore movies

Jeremy Passmore


Kevin Reynolds movies

Kevin Reynolds


John Milius movies

John Milius


Cast of Red Dawn 2012

Chris Hemsworth movies chris-hemsworth

Chris Hemsworth

as Jed Eckert

Josh Peck movies josh-peck

Josh Peck

as Matt Eckert

Josh Hutcherson movies josh-hutcherson

Josh Hutcherson

as Robert Kitner

Adrianne Palicki movies adrianne-palicki

Adrianne Palicki

as Toni Walsh

Isabel Lucas movies isabel-lucas

Isabel Lucas

as Erica Martin

Connor Cruise movies connor-cruise

Connor Cruise

as Daryl Jenkins

Will Yun Lee movies will-yun-lee

Will Yun Lee

as Captain Cho

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