Sahara war movie
Sahara war movie

Sahara (1995, Australia)

Categories: desert movies

Running time: 105 minutes

Language: English

During the Northern Africa campaign sergeant Joe Gunn and his crew on M3 Lee tank called Lulu Belle are the only survivors of their unit. Under the heavy shelling they have to retreat towards the desert and figure out the way to join the Allied forces. On the way they meet the rest of British platoon and take them on board. They have no idea how to return to their forces, so they start their journey into the desert. Soon they see Sudanese soldier Tambul escorting Italian prisoner. Tambul knows the way to the oasis within the range of the tank, so they set out to reach that destination. On the arrival they learn that the only well in the oasis is almost completely dry, but also that they are surrounded by Germans... who also look for water.

Remake of classic 1943 war movie starring Humphrey Bogart, this time filmed in Australia, which was a huge mistake - first of all the desert doesn’t look like Sahara, rather like sandy beach, also the sky is almost all time cloudy or the sunlight is limited, which sounds nothing like Sahara. Rest of the movie is just a simple copy of the original which makes the whole project rather futile.

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Film value

7 / 10

Realism factor

2 / 5

Adventure factor

5 / 5

Historical accuracy

2 / 5

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Creators of Sahara

Brian Trenchard-Smith movies

Philip MacDonald movies

David Phillips movies

David Phillips


Cast of Sahara

James Belushi movies james-belushi

James Belushi

as Sgt. Joe Gunn

Jerome Ehlers movies jerome-ehlers

Jerome Ehlers

as Capt. Halliday

Alan David Lee movies alan-david-lee

Paul Empson movies paul-empson

William Upjohn movies william-upjohn

Simon Westaway movies simon-westaway

Simon Westaway

as Williams

Mark Lee movies mark-lee

Mark Lee

as Doyle

Michael Massee movies michael-massee

Robert Wisdom movies robert-wisdom

Robert Wisdom

as Tambul

Angelo D’Angelo movies angelo-d’angelo

Todd MacDonald movies todd-macdonald

Todd MacDonald

as Clarkson

Julian Garner movies julian-garner

Julian Garner

as Von Schletow

Alexander Petersons movies alexander-petersons

Alexander Petersons

as Von Falken

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Events depicted in Sahara

World War II (1936-1945)