Sink the Bismarck! war movie
Sink the Bismarck! war movie

Sink the Bismarck! (1960, United Kingdom)

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Running time: 97 minutes

Language: English / German

In 1939 Nazi Germany have launched a most advanced and most powerful battleship of its times - the mighty Bismarck. Together with other ships Bismarck is planned to attack the convoys that provide the so needed supplies for Great Britain. British forces, streched as they were in 1941, had to find a way to deal with yet another threat - according to intelligence Bismarck, together with cruiser Prinz Eugen, is about to break out of Baltic and start the active service on the Atlantic. Captain Jonathan Shepard, new chief of operations in Royal Navy, takes over his assignment just in time to have to deal with the German colossus and stop it from reaching the Atlantic. Unfortunately he has very limited resources available and since reaching North Sea German battleship avoided being detected. Admiral Lutjens on board of Bismarck realizes that British will do anything to stop him, so the battle of wits begins. Shepard manages to move few of the best British battleships close to the mainland, but still he has to find Bismarck first.

Film based on the real events involving the German battleship Bismarck and the efforts of Royal Navy to intercept it before the warship will be able to attack the Allied convoys. With only few historical inaccuracies (partly caused by the fact that the film was made before some secret documents surrounding Enigma were declassified) this is one of the best naval war movies in history. In Sink the Bismarck! we have realism, good acting, surprisingly good special effects, thrilling plot based on historical story that will keep the viewers on the edge of the seat even if they know how the chase has ended.

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10 / 10

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4 / 5

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4 / 5

Historical accuracy

4 / 5

Sink the Bismarck! full movie

full movie Sink the Bismarck! on DVD
full movie Sink the Bismarck! on DVD

Creators of Sink the Bismarck!

Lewis Gilbert movies

Edmund H. North movies

Edmund H. North


C.S. Forester movies

C.S. Forester


Cast of Sink the Bismarck!

Kenneth More movies kenneth-more

Kenneth More

as Captain Shepard

Dana Wynter movies dana-wynter

Dana Wynter

as Anne Davis

Carl Mohner movies carl-mohner

Carl Mohner

as Captain Lindemann

Karel Stepanek movies karel-stepanek

Karel Stepanek

as Admiral Lutjens

Laurence Naismith movies laurence-naismith

Laurence Naismith

as First Sea Lord

Michael Hordern movies michael-hordern

Michael Hordern

as Commander in Chief

Maurice Denham movies maurice-denham

Maurice Denham

as Commander Richards

Michael Goodliffe movies michael-goodliffe

Michael Goodliffe

as Captain Banister

Geoffrey Keen movies geoffrey-keen

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Events depicted in Sink the Bismarck!

World War II (1936-1945) Battle of the Atlantic (3 Sep 1939)

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