Sitting Bull war movie
Sitting Bull war movie

Sitting Bull (1954, United States)

Categories: cavalry movies

Running time: 105 minutes

Language: English

Major Robert Parrish of the 7th Cavalry Regiment was one of the most promising young officers in Union Army, but since the American Civil War his career not only got on hold, but even deteriorated. All because he is not considered to be a team player - he has his own mind and do not hesitate to speak out. His fiancée Kathy, daughter of a general, breaks off their engagement due to his lack of perspective for promotion. In his new assignment nothing has changed - Parrish criticizes the civilians for violating Sioux lands near Black Hills, where gold nuggets were found. General reassigns Parrish to Bureau of Indian Affairs, but on arrival to his new post he finds the Indians to be kept in inhuman conditions while Indian Agent in charge of the camp makes money on the supplies he does not distribute among the Indians. Parrish refuses to shoot the Indiand that try to escape and is demoted again. But his good deed towards Indians didn’t went unnoticed - he learns that the tribes of Lakota and Cheyenne put pressure on the chief Sitting Bull to start the war with Americans. Parrish sets out to meet his former commander, Ulysses Grant, who now is the president, and convince him to settle the dispute with Sitting Bull. He has to hurry since the army is preparing to provoke Indians for open conflict.

Western that shows the events that lead to famous Battle of the Little Bighorn. Or rather events that could have taken place before the battle since most of the plot is complete fiction. We have here the idealistic officer, Robert Parrish, who does what he can to prevent the open conflict between US government and the Lakota Indians, and of course such person could have existed, but the general attitude of American soldiers was completely different at that point in history. Of course there were no plans for Ulysses Grant to meet Sitting Bull, Sitting Bull was not trying to avoid the conflict, not was Grant, and so on and so on. The historical inaccuracies are blindingly obvious, of course the movie is just a western and not historical drama, but it would be much simplier for creator to just shorten the title to just "bull" and leave the story as it is...

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6 / 10

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2 / 5

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3 / 5

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2 / 5

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Creators of Sitting Bull

Sidney Salkow movies

Sidney Salkow movies

Sidney Salkow


Jack DeWitt movies

Jack DeWitt


Cast of Sitting Bull

Dale Robertson movies dale-robertson

Dale Robertson

as Major Robert Parrish

Mary Murphy movies mary-murphy

Mary Murphy

as Kathy Howell

J. Carrol Naish movies j.-carrol-naish

J. Carrol Naish

as Sitting Bull

Iron Eyes Cody movies iron-eyes-cody

Iron Eyes Cody

as Crazy Horse

John Litel movies john-litel

John Litel

as General Howell

John Hamilton movies john-hamilton

John Hamilton

as President Ulysses Grant

Douglas Kennedy movies douglas-kennedy

Douglas Kennedy

as Colonel Custer

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Events depicted in Sitting Bull

American Indian Wars (1876-1877) Battle of the Little Bighorn (25 Jun 1876)

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