Stake Higher Than Life war movie
Stake Higher Than Life war movie

Stake Higher Than Life (1967, Poland)

Original / alternative title: Stawka wieksza niz zycie

Categories: covert operations moviespartisans moviesPOW camp moviesresistance moviesspy movies

Running time: 990 minutes

Language: Polish

In 1941 Polish prisoner of war, Stanislaw Kolicki, escapes from a camp where he was held by Germans and runs away towards area in control of Red Army. Soviet intelligence discoveres his close resemblance to a German officer Hans Kloss of Abwehra that is being held in their prison. They decide to use Kolicki as a double and convince Germans that he is Kloss. They teach him every little detail of Kloss’ life that they learned during the long interrogations and send him as Hans Kloss back to Nazis. At first Germans are suspicious that Kloss simply escaped from Soviet prison, so Gestapo officer Hermann Brunner keeps him under surveillance. As an Abwehra officer he has to keep low profile while dealing with the counter-interlligence duties, but at the same time he has to report to Soviet intelligence, as Codename J23, with Polish resistance and Allied agents - all of it without compromising his true identity to Germans. But even though initially Brunner buys his story of escape from Soviets he constantly tries to catch the elusive J23, suspecting it could be Kloss.

Polish TV movie series telling the fictious story of spy working undercover for Soviets as Abwehra officer. With far-fetched plot and sometimes complete disregard for historical facts the series was actually quite entertaining. Each episode was different story with different challanges for Kloss and always with Brunner keeping an eye on him, often the plots were moved between different locations (Polish or German cities, Turkey, Austria). The series presented different methods used by World War 2 spy networks and the tangled web of connections Kloss had to build in order to keep his identity a secret. Of course production lacked spectacular budget and pace of the plot sometimes left much to be desired, but still it was a decent effort.

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Film value

6 / 10

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2 / 5

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3 / 5

Historical accuracy

1 / 5

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Creators of Stake Higher Than Life

Janusz Morgenstern movies

Andrzej Konic movies

Zbigniew Safjan movies

Zbigniew Safjan


Andrzej Szypulski movies

Cast of Stake Higher Than Life

Stanislaw Mikulski movies stanislaw-mikulski

Stanislaw Mikulski

as Hans Kloss

Emil Karewicz movies emil-karewicz

Emil Karewicz

as Hermann Brunner

Bronislaw Pawlik movies bronislaw-pawlik

Bronislaw Pawlik

as Grzegorz

Seweryn Butrym movies seweryn-butrym

Seweryn Butrym

as General Wiehringer

Mieczyslaw Stoor movies mieczyslaw-stoor

Mieczyslaw Stoor

as Hans Stadtke

Gustaw Lutkiewicz movies gustaw-lutkiewicz

Ignacy Machowski movies ignacy-machowski

Ignacy Machowski

as Dibelius

Leon Niemczyk movies leon-niemczyk

Tadeusz Schmidt movies tadeusz-schmidt

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Events depicted in Stake Higher Than Life

World War II (1936-1945)

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