Stealth war movie
Stealth war movie

Stealth (2005, United States)

Categories: aircraft moviesscience fiction movies

Running time: 120 minutes

Language: English

In year 2020 US Navy gained a new weapon in their arsenal - F/A-37 Talon, a single seat jetfighter with stealth capability. Not only Talons are hard to detect, they also have great speed and maneuverability. Of course they don’t come cheap and since navy have only 3 of them at that point only the best of the best pilots will fly them - from 400 candidates they have chosen the 3 that will take part in the test missions. But soon after the test it is revealed that actually there are 4 Talons, although the 4th is somehow different from the others - it will have no pilot. Artificial intelligence called EDI will be flying it and the US Navy wants to see it in action together with the human pilots. Their target is a building in Rangoon, where few high level terrorists will meet. While the pilots are preparing for attack it is determined that their weapon will not be enough to destroy the building, unless... the rockets would be fired from plane that dives at the maximum speed. It would seem that EDI, not limited by physical limitations of human body, is the only one, who can execute such attack, but Lieutenant Ben Gannon don’t give up and tries to prove that pilots can do the impossible attack as well as EDI. The mission is success and US Navy prepares another target for them when slight problem begins to emerge - EDI has developed a mind of his own and has problem with accepting orders.

Sci-fi war movie asking the same old question - if we would give intelligence to a machine would it turn against us? However this movie is not a good source to seek the answers to philosophical questions. It is adventure flick with lots of CGI, not very inspired acting nor impressive script - just an adventure flick with stock characters, a lot of action and not much depth.

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Film value

6 / 10

Realism factor

1 / 5

Adventure factor

3 / 5

Historical accuracy

1 / 5

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Creators of Stealth

Rob Cohen movies

Rob Cohen


W.D. Richter movies

W.D. Richter


Cast of Stealth

Josh Lucas movies josh-lucas

Josh Lucas

as Lieutenant Ben Gannon

Jessica Biel movies

Jessica Biel

as Lieutenant Kara Wade

Jamie Foxx movies jamie-foxx

Jamie Foxx

as Lieutenant Henry Purcell

Sam Shepard movies sam-shepard

Sam Shepard

as Captain George Cummings

Joe Morton movies joe-morton

Joe Morton

as Captain Dick Marshfield

Richard Roxburgh movies richard-roxburgh

Richard Roxburgh

as Dr. Keith Orbit

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Stealth trivia

Box office flop

Stealth was a box office flop - with budget of 135 million USD it managed to cover slightly over half of that costs, 76 million USD.