The Bridge At Remagen war movie
The Bridge At Remagen war movie

The Bridge At Remagen (1969, United States)

Categories: infantry moviesreconnaissance movies

Running time: 115 minutes

Language: English

Although based on real events (the battle for Ludendorff Bridge in Remagen on Rhein River) the movie is mostly fiction. The story is shown from both sides of the conflict: the scout unit of American army is ordered to blow up the bridge and trap German army on this side of the Rhein, new German officer is sent to Remagen to defend the bridge until their troops will retreat and blow it up before Allies could cross it. Both of them have their problems - Americans are tired and feel their generals just using them as cannon fodder to gain some glory, Germans are outnumbered and their best forces are consisted of old men and teenagers. But suddenly everything changes and Americans are anxious to keep the bridge unharmed.

This film is somewhere between story of heroism and absurdity of the war. Weary, wayward Americans are put against hopelessly weak German army which generals still have illusions that they still can change the course of the war. Very good movie though not showing the real events of Battle of Remagen.

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8 / 10

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4 / 5

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3 / 5

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3 / 5

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Creators of The Bridge At Remagen

John Guillermin movies

Richard Yates movies

Richard Yates


William Roberts movies

William Roberts


Roger Hirson movies

Roger Hirson


Cast of The Bridge At Remagen

George Segal movies george-segal

George Segal

as Lieutenant Phil Hartman

Ben Gazzara movies ben-gazzara

Ben Gazzara

as Sgt. Angelo

Robert Vaughn movies robert-vaughn

Robert Vaughn

as Major Paul Kreuger

E.G. Marshall movies e.g.-marshall

E.G. Marshall

as Brig. Gen. Shinner

Bradford Dillman movies bradford-dillman

Bradford Dillman

as Major Barnes

Peter van Eyck movies peter-van-eyck

Peter van Eyck

as Gen. Von Brock

Hans Christian Blech movies hans-christian-blech

Hans Christian Blech

as Capt. Carl Schmidt

Bo Hopkins movies bo-hopkins

Bo Hopkins

as Corp. Grebs

Matt Clark movies matt-clark

Matt Clark

as Corp. Jellicoe

Frank Webb movies frank-webb

Frank Webb

as Pvt. Glover

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Events depicted in The Bridge At Remagen

World War II (1936-1945) Operation Lumberjack (1 Mar 1945)

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