The Counterfeiters war movie
The Counterfeiters war movie

The Counterfeiters (2007, Austria)

Original / alternative title: Die Fälscher

Categories: concentration camp movies

Running time: 95 minutes

Language: German

In 1942 Germans have gathered 142 counterfeiters in their Sachsenhausen concentration camp to start Operation Bernhard - the plan to destabilise British economy by flooding the markets with forged pound notes. Jew Sorowitsch is one of those counterfeiters who is using his skills and experience to forge the money, but just like the other he realizes that by that he supports his own oppressors. They try to slow the work down so Germans could not make use of their forgery, but not that slow so they would start to kill them.

Based on true events (memoirs of Adolf Burger) film follows the Jewish counterfeiter Sorowitsch and his complicated situation to keep the Germans happy and survive the concentration camp. This movie won the Oscar for best foreign film, but it is hard to point out what exactly made that big impression on Americans. It is not well known story for World War II, the movie was made with decent level of realism, but still it is only one of many decent movies.

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Film value

6 / 10

Realism factor

3 / 5

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1 / 5

Historical accuracy

4 / 5

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Creators of The Counterfeiters

Stefan Ruzowitzky movies

Stefan Ruzowitzky movies

Adolf Burger movies

Adolf Burger


Cast of The Counterfeiters

Karl Markovics movies karl-markovics

Karl Markovics

as Sorowitsch

August Diehl movies august-diehl

August Diehl

as Burger

Veit Stuebner movies veit-stuebner

Sebastian Urzendowsky movies sebastian-urzendowsky

Devid Striesow movies devid-striesow

Devid Striesow

as Sturmbannführer Herzog

Martin Brambach movies martin-brambach

Martin Brambach

as Hauptscharführer Holst

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Events depicted in The Counterfeiters

World War II (1936-1945)

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