The Heroes of Telemark war movie
The Heroes of Telemark war movie

The Heroes of Telemark (1965, United Kingdom)

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Running time: 132 minutes

Language: English / German / Norwegian

Occupied Norway, 1942. Rolf Pedersen, a Norwegian physics professor at the Oslo University is happy to keep low profile and stay away from problems. His life is changed when he is approached at the university by mysterious man from the resistance, who presents him with plans. Pedersen quickly realizes that those are the plans of heavy water production plant that Germans would use to build atomic bomb. Knut Straud, the mysterious man, convinces Pedersen to join the Norwegian resistance and stop the Nazis. Their first step is to travel to United Kingdom, where they present their findings to Allied intelligence. The conclusion is simple - Germans must be stopped by any means from building atomic bombs. Pedersen and Straud are dropped on parachutes back to Norway to take care of first part of the Operation Freshman. The plan was to prepare the landing zone for gliders on which unit of Royal Engineers would be dropped into Norway. Later the engineers with help of Norwegian resistance would attack the Vemork Hydroelectric Plant and blow up the heavy water installation. Unfortunately the gliders crash during the landing killing all the 50 British soldiers aboard. Straud decides to carry on with the plan, even though instead of 50 soldiers he only has 7 resistance fighters and Vemork Plant is heavily guarded.

British war movie presenting the true story of Operation Freshman and Operation Gunnerside, two attempts of Norwegian resistance and Allied forces to stop German production of heavy water that was vital in plan of producing atomic bombs, which could have gave the Nazis huge advantage and change outcome of the war. Although film is based on those operations some of the parts of the story were dramatised. With involving plot and very good cast The Heroes of Telemark could have been among the classic war movies. Unfortunately too many scenes that had very little to do with the military operations were added and the final version of the movie is only average.

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4 / 5

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Creators of The Heroes of Telemark

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Anthony Mann


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Cast of The Heroes of Telemark

Kirk Douglas movies

Kirk Douglas

as Rolf Petersen

Richard Harris movies richard-harris

Richard Harris

as Knut Straud

Ulla Jacobsson movies ulla-jacobsson

Ulla Jacobsson

as Anna Pedersen

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Sebastian Breaks movies sebastian-breaks

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Anton Diffring

as Major Frick

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Karel Stepanek

as Professor Hartmüller

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Alan Howard movies alan-howard

Roy Dotrice movies roy-dotrice

Roy Dotrice

as Jensen

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Events depicted in The Heroes of Telemark

World War II (1936-1945)

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