The Seventh Company Has Been Found war movie
The Seventh Company Has Been Found war movie

The Seventh Company Has Been Found (1975, France)

Original / alternative title: On a retrouvé la 7ème compagnie!

Categories: POW camp movies

Running time: 90 minutes

Language: French

After freeing 7th company from German captivity Sergent Chaudard, privates Pitivier and Tassin are instant heroes, but during the war fame does not last long. Straight away they are given a new task and aboard their armored vehicles (that they took from Germans) they drive through the bridge. Just seconds after they crossed it the bridge was blown up by French officer, who tries to slow down the advance of the German army. Bit of a good luck was that Chaudard, Pitivier and Tassin are ok, but bad luck is that their vehicle is damaged and they are going nowhere until they can fix it. But to do so they have swim back to the other side of the river and bring back the tools they need, which did not worked as they planned. While trying to avoid being detected by Germans they stumble upon uniforms left by the French officers, who were retreating not long ago. With no better choice they put the uniforms on, but soon are caught by the enemy and since they were wearing high level officers uniforms they are taken to the castle used by Germans to keep generals and lieutenants in. Since no one knew them they decided to keep the false ranks since the food and cells must be better for officers. This turns out to be false and to make things worse their superior Captain Dumont was caught again and end up in the castle. Now, due to their past fame, Dumont is convinced that Chaudard has some clever plan that will let them escape again.

Second movie about three French soldiers, who during the Battle of France accidentally got cut off from their unit and while trying to return through enemy lines caused havoc among Germans. This time they are locked in the castle with high rank officers and have to find a way to free them all. Just like the first movie about 7th Company it is rather slow paced and not very impressive comedy, but keeping the atmosphere of the original it is still enjoyable comedy.

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5 / 10

Realism factor

2 / 5

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3 / 5

Historical accuracy

1 / 5

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The Seventh Company Has Been Found

Creators of The Seventh Company Has Been Found

Robert Lamoureux movies

Robert Lamoureux movies

Jean-Marie Poire movies

Cast of The Seventh Company Has Been Found

Pierre Mondy movies pierre-mondy

Pierre Mondy

as Sergent Chaudard

Jean Lefebvre movies jean-lefebvre

Jean Lefebvre

as Pitivier

Henri Guybet movies henri-guybet

Henri Guybet

as Tassin

Erik Colin movies erik-colin

Erik Colin

as Lieutenant Duvauchel

Robert Lamoureux movies robert-lamoureux

Robert Lamoureux

as Colonel Blanchet

Pierre Tornade movies pierre-tornade

Pierre Tornade

as Capitaine Dumont

Robert Dalban movies robert-dalban

Robert Dalban

as general

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Events depicted in The Seventh Company Has Been Found

World War II (1936-1945) Battle of France (10 May 1940)

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