The Tanks Are Coming war movie
The Tanks Are Coming war movie

The Tanks Are Coming (1951, United States)

Categories: tank movies

Running time: 85 minutes

Language: English

The Tanks Are Coming is movie presenting the story of American tank platoon during their fight after the Allied landing in Normandy. The crews of M4 Sherman tanks are dealing with heavy German tanks and often don’t even get the chance to damage them, not to mention destroying them. But the superiority in number of tanks tanks and the morale of their crews helped them get through German lines, even the Siegfried Line.

The movie is a tribute to brave American tankmen that fought the desperate battles against German heavy tanks (Tigers and Panthers). Unfortunately the movie was done in a sloppy way with plenty of historical inaccuracies, such as:
- no German tanks used in the film,
- wrong type of American tank used (M46 Patton to imitate M26 Pershing),
- using M26 Pershing look-alike at all, since that tank was put in action in 1945,
- laughable reconstruction of Siegfried Line (the Dragon’s teeth should be at least twice the size)
- really weak German fortifications (in reality they were usually using a combination of at least few guns to stop the tanks or at least tried to camouflage their positions),
- the use of parts clearly taken from different movies (real World War 2 footage) mixed between the scenes.

All of it makes The Tanks Are Coming seems almost like parody of war movie or on the level of some Italian productions. I’m sure the creators meant well, but the final effect of their efforts is rather poor.

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3 / 10

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1 / 5

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2 / 5

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1 / 5

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Creators of The Tanks Are Coming

Lewis Seiler movies

Lewis Seiler


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Samuel Fuller


Cast of The Tanks Are Coming

Steve Cochran movies steve-cochran

Steve Cochran

as Francis Sullivan

Philip Carey movies philip-carey

Philip Carey

as Lieutenant Rawson

Paul Picerni movies paul-picerni

Paul Picerni

as Danny Kolowicz

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Harry Bellaver

as Sergeant Lemchek

James Dobson movies james-dobson

James Dobson

as George Eisenhower

George OHanlon movies george-ohanlon

George OHanlon

as Sergeant Tucker

John McGuire movies john-mcguire

John McGuire

as Colonel Matthews

Mari Aldon movies mari-aldon

Mari Aldon

as Patricia Kane

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Events depicted in The Tanks Are Coming

World War II (1936-1945)

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