Torpedo Run war movie
Torpedo Run war movie

Torpedo Run (1958, United States)

Categories: navy moviessubmarine movies

Running time: 95 minutes

Language: English

Submarine commander Barney Doyle has to make the toughest decision there is - during a patrol near Philippines, where he used to serve in Cavite base, he approaches the convoy that consists, among aircraft carrier and other warships, of transport ships that are carrying the prisoners taken by Japanese on Philippines. Doyle is convinced his wife is among those prisoners and now has to decide to fire torpedoes at Japanese aircraft carrier Shinaru, that took part in Pearl Harbor attack, while the transport ship wis used as a shield. He takes the chance to sink the carrier, but torpedoes sink the transport ship instead and the whole situation causes Doyle to slip into come-like state. He was out cold for few days, during which his second in command and a best friend Archie Sloan was in charge. If the HQ will find out about what state Doyle was he might be removed from command and never be given a command over submarine, thus never will be able to take revenge on Japanese. Archie Sloan is determined to help him, but also sees his duty to make the report - if asked straight he will tell the truth. Doyle manages to keep his command of USS Grayfish, but his superiors are sending him on patrol away from the action - to sleepy Aleutian Islands near Alaska.

Just like many other American submarine movies Torpedo Run contains good cast and interesting plot, but presented with very limited realism. The plot is mixture of Doyle’s personal tragedy and kind of "Moby Dick" like hunt for the great white whale represented by Shinaru. It is entertaining movie, but due to lack of realism and historical background it can’t be considered as good as similiar titles like British "We Dive at Dawn" or Polish "The Eagle".

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Film value

6 / 10

Realism factor

1 / 5

Adventure factor

3 / 5

Historical accuracy

1 / 5

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Creators of Torpedo Run

Joseph Pevney movies

William Wister Haines movies

Richard Sale movies

Richard Sale


Cast of Torpedo Run

Glenn Ford movies glenn-ford

Glenn Ford

as Lt. Cmdr. Barney Doyle

Ernest Borgnine movies ernest-borgnine

Ernest Borgnine

as Lt. Archie Sloan

Diane Brewster movies diane-brewster

Diane Brewster

as Jane Doyle

Dean Jones movies dean-jones

Dean Jones

as Lt. Jake Foley

L.Q. Jones movies l.q.-jones

L.Q. Jones

as Hash Benson

Philip Ober movies philip-ober

Philip Ober

as Adm. Samuel Setton

Richard Carlyle movies richard-carlyle

Richard Carlyle

as Cmdr. Don Adams

Fredd Wayne movies fredd-wayne

Fredd Wayne

as Orville Goldstein

Don Keefer movies don-keefer

Don Keefer

as Ens. Ron Milligan

Robert Hardy movies robert-hardy

Robert Hardy

as Lt. Redley

Paul Picerni movies paul-picerni

Paul Picerni

as Lt. Burt Fisher

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Events depicted in Torpedo Run

World War II (1936-1945)