Winter in Wartime war movie
Winter in Wartime war movie

Winter in Wartime (2008, Netherlands)

Original / alternative title: Oorlogswinter

Categories: winter moviesresistance movies

Running time: 105 minutes

Language: Dutch / English / German

January 1945 in occupied Holland. Even though the outcome of the war seems certain German forces are trying to keep the area under control. During night flight British de Havilland Mosquito plane is shot down near the town where teenager Michiel van Beusekom lives. Michiel and his best friend Dirk, despite their young age, are helping the local resistance. They reach the remains of the plane, but are spotted by Germans and have to run away. Dirk manages to escape, but Michiel is caught by the soldiers. His father, who is mayor of the town, is in good terms with the Germans and manages to free him, but Michiel inspired by his uncle Ben, who is an adventurer, will not give up his resistance activities. He was given a letter from resistance to for to the local blacksmith, Bertus, but before he had a chance to deliver it Bertus was killed by Germans. Michiel opens the letter, where finds the location of British pilot that parachuted from the destroyed plane and now is hiding from Germans. Michiel finds the pilot, who is suspicious about the boy. Jack is injured and is hardly able to move, but in order to survive he has to reach Zwolle, where resistance can help him return to Britain.

Dutch war movie based on the Jan Terlouw novel tells the story of Dutch teenager, who has to grow up quickly when his actions could save the British pilot, but also bring death to his friends and family. Although based on a novel for teenagers Winter in Wartime is actually quite realistic war time drama that shows the reality of occupied Holland, where behind seemingly peaceful existence of Germans and locals there was always the atmosphere of suspicions and distrust. Just like War Horse this film is based on the teenagers novel, but manages to avoid being patronising and over-sentimental, it is quite good war movie.

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Film value

7 / 10

Realism factor

4 / 5

Adventure factor

3 / 5

Historical accuracy

3 / 5

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Winter in Wartime

Creators of Winter in Wartime

Martin Koolhoven movies

Mieke de Jong movies

Mieke de Jong


Martin Koolhoven movies

Paul Jan Nelissen movies

Jan Terlouw movies

Jan Terlouw


Cast of Winter in Wartime

Martijn Lakemeier movies martijn-lakemeier

Martijn Lakemeier

as Michiel van Beusekom

Jamie Campbell Bower movies jamie-campbell-bower

Raymond Thiry movies raymond-thiry

Raymond Thiry

as Johan van Beusekom

Yorick van Wageningen movies yorick-van-wageningen

Mees Peijnenburg movies mees-peijnenburg

Mees Peijnenburg

as Dirk Knopper

Tygo Gernandt movies tygo-gernandt

Tygo Gernandt

as Bertus Knopper

Anneke Blok movies anneke-blok

Anneke Blok

as Lia van Beusekom

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Events depicted in Winter in Wartime

World War II (1936-1945)

Winter in Wartime trivia

Jan Terlouw’s novel

Although story in Jan Terlouw’s novel Winter in Wartime is fiction author based it on his own experience from World War 2 - as 8-year-old boy he remembered the atmosphere of the end of the war in occupied country.

Box office success

In Holland Winter in Wartime was the most popular movie of 2008 overshadowing such blockbusters as The Dark Knight and Twilight. With budget of about 4 million Euro it brought about 10 million Euro income.

Filming locations

Due to lack of snow in Holland Winter in Wartime was filmed mostly in Lithuania.

Themes in Winter in Wartime

Dutch resistanceBritish pilots

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