The Golden Train war movie
The Golden Train war movie

The Golden Train (1986, Romania)

Original / alternative title: Złoty pociąg

Categories: ambush moviespolitical moviesspy movies

Running time: 160 minutes

Language: Polish / Romanian / French / German

During the German invasion in 1939 Polish government prepares the evacuation to the neutral Romania hoping to escape to allied Great Britain. Major Marian Bobruk of Polish intelligence is given the task of preparing transport of gold reserves from Polish national bank. With the chaos around it is much harder that anyone could imagine - they can’t find enough trucks nor drivers, but Bobruk is determined to escort the gold to Britain. Their first destination is Romanian border, but among the people involved someone is passing informations about the transport to German saboteurs, who try to delay the convoy until German army will intercept it. Second part of the route is equally dangerous - the gold was reloaded from trucks to train that will take it to the port where British ship could carry it further. Although Romania is neutral the political pressure from Germany is high and Romanian Prime Minister Armand Calinescu must use a lot of skills and diplomacy to keep Germans away from the train.

Polish and Romanian co-production depicts the real story of evacuation of Polish gold reserves at the beginning of World War 2. The two-part movie was made with decent effort when it comes to historical accuracy, but low budget and not very inspired script make it hard to watch. The real events were rather interesting - the gold transport, the time pressure, the German saboteurs, but the writer added a lot of subplots that does not add anything interesting to the story, but take a lot of time.

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Film value

4 / 10

Realism factor

3 / 5

Adventure factor

3 / 5

Historical accuracy

4 / 5

Creators of The Golden Train

Bohdan Poreba movies

Ioan Grigorescu movies

Ioan Grigorescu


Cast of The Golden Train

Mitica Popescu movies mitica-popescu

Mitica Popescu

as Munteanu

Waclaw Ulewicz movies waclaw-ulewicz

Waclaw Ulewicz

as major Marian Bobruk

Ewa Kuklinska movies ewa-kuklinska

Ewa Kuklinska

as Renata

Gheorghe Cozorici movies gheorghe-cozorici

Gheorghe Cozorici

as Armand Calinescu

Tomasz Zaliwski movies tomasz-zaliwski

Silviu Stanculescu movies silviu-stanculescu

Arkadiusz Bazak movies arkadiusz-bazak

Ryszard Kotys movies ryszard-kotys

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Events depicted in The Golden Train

World War II (1936-1945) Invasion of Poland (1 Sep 1939)

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