World War I war movies
World War I war movies

World War I (1914-1918)

Called the war that will end all the wars. Well... it didn’t. The idea was rather simple - after long list of was between European countries creating two powerful alliances would cancel out any ideas anyone could have to start a new war. Sounds logical - any local conflict could mean that armies of few great countries would attack the aggressor. The problem was that the greatest countries involved in the alliances were actually rather unstable - Austria-Hungary were having problems with the countries that were annexed by them (like Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia and especially the Balkan countries like Croatia, Montenegro, Serbia), Russian governor Tzar Nicholas II was fighting the op...

Major battles of World War I

Christmas Truce war movies

Christmas Truce
24 December 1914

Event known as the Christmas truce wasn’t a battle - quite opposite - but it is one of the most remarkable and one of the most remembered moments of World War I. When the Christmas 1914 was close the war was going on for few months and still many of the soldiers believed that it would be over soon. During the week that lead to the Christmas all along the Western Front officers of both sides o...

Battle of Gallipoli war movies

Battle of Gallipoli
25 April 1915

The British operation in the Gallipoli was aimed to take over the Dardanelles (strait that led to the Black Sea). The naval operation was a failure - several warships were damaged or lost due to well prepared artillery positions of Turkish forces. British decided to make a landing on Dardanelles and take over the area in land operation. Unfortunately almost everything went wrong and only two small...

Battle of the Somme war movies

Battle of the Somme
1 July 1916

One of the biggest battle of World War I that took place near River Somme in France and one of the first examples of large scale tank and airplanes involvement in World War I operations. Over course of 18 days British and French forces were trying to make the breakthrough in the German lines and change the face of the whole Western Front. During that time over 1,2 million people from both sides we...

Battle of Passchendaele war movies

Battle of Passchendaele
31 July 1917

The Battle of Passchendaele was number of small battles for control of the ridges south and east of Ypres in Belgium. Passchendaele lay on the last ridge east of Ypres, near the railway junction at Roeselare, which was a vital point in the supply system of the German 4th Army. The battle lasted for over 3 months, mostly due to well prepared German defences and unusually wet weather. Each side lost...

War movies about World War I

British Intelligence 1940 war movie

British Intelligence (1940)

German spy is sent to Great Britain to gather informations from household of cabinet minister Arthur Bennett. But in the world of spies nothing is simple.

The African Queen 1951 war movie

The African Queen (1951)

The unlike duo of drunkard and sister of catholic missionary are palnning to sink a German ship that terrorizes the area.

Paths of Glory 1957 war movie

Paths of Glory (1957)

After failed attack the French general demands the random soldiers to be killed as an example what happens to the cowards.

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War games about World War I

Blue Max 1983 war game

Blue Max (1983)

A 1983 arcade game that under surface of simple shooter has hidden quite a bit of realistic simulation behind simple graphics.

1914 Shells of Fury 2007 war game

1914 Shells of Fury (2007)

A rare approach to submarine simulation - instead of modern times or World War 2 creators of this game took a shot at simulating World War I submarine warfare.

Darkest of Days 2009 war game

Darkest of Days (2009)

Travel through time to take part in famous historic battles and stop the evil plan that could destroy the human kind.

World of Warships 2015 war game

World of Warships (2015)

Online multiplayer game that simulates naval battles of warships from 1930s and later eras.