War movies

War movies show the picture of conflicts between people and at the same time show the picture of all of us. The war brings the worst sides of human nature, but at the same time can show the best sides of people. As someone one said in war there are no atheists - war affects everyone.

Assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand

Assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand

102 years ago on 28 June 1914 Assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand took place. The assasination that took place in Sarajevo and triggered one of the most horrifying wars in history - the World War I.

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war movies
war movies
war movies
war movies
war movies

War movies: tanks, sniper, best war movies

War movies show the picture of conflicts between people and at the same time show the picture of all of us. The war brings the worst sides of human nature, but at the same time can show the best sides of people. War movies show examples of heroism, cowardice, bravery, fear, compassion - all the human feelings torn out of the bonds of every day routines. Despite the last big war ended 20-30 years ago people still like to watch the war movies, sometimes for sentimental reasons, sometimes for the excitement and the taste of adventure, but war movies are as popular as they were few decades ago.

Recently reviewed war movies

The Heroes of Telemark 1965 war movie

The Heroes of Telemark (1965)

Occupied Norway, 1942. Rolf Pedersen, a Norwegian physics professor at the Oslo University is happy to keep low profile and stay away from problems. His life is changed w...

First Blood 1982 war movie

First Blood (1982)

Vietnam War veteran John Rambo travels on foot through a small town Hope, Washington to meet his friend from the times they both served in the army. When he arrives to a ...

Seal Team Eight: Behind Enemy Lines 2014 war movie

Seal Team Eight: Behind Enemy Lines (2014)

During a covert operation in Africa SEAL Team is dropped in the area, where ruthless General Ntonga has built his private empire. Americans suspect that Ntonga is running...

John Rambo 2008 war movie

John Rambo (2008)

In 2007, during the political protests in Burma brutally suppressed by the General Than Shwe regime, ex-Vietnam war veteran John Rambo lives in a small village near the B...

Starfighter 2015 war movie

Starfighter (2015)

Harry Schäfer and Richie Weichert are among the top fighter pilots of Luftwaffe, but in 1960s it wasn’t the same Luftwaffe that was the great power of World War II - disb...

Fury 2014 war movie

Fury (2014)

Spring 1945, Allied forces are closing on Berlin, but since front has moved into territory of Nazi Germany the defence is much stronger. 2nd Armored Division was hit hard...

The Warlords 2007 war movie

The Warlords (2007)

In 1860s, during the civil war in China, also called Taiping Rebellion, between forces loyal to Qing dynasty and rebels from Taiping Heavenly Kingdom. General Pang Qingyu...

The Starfighters 1964 war movie

The Starfighters (1964)

Lieutenant John Witkowski arrive together with few other pilots to George Air Force Base in California to be retrained to fly the Lockheed F-104 Starfighter, the superson...

Ready, Steady, Ommm! 2013 war movie

Ready, Steady, Ommm! (2013)

Alex and Anna are young couple, who just received the notice of eviction from their flat. Alex is yoga instructor, who runs the lessons for pregnant women, and a pacifist...

List of war movies that were most popular on our websites in last 60 days can be found on most popular war movies page.

Invader 2012 war movie

Invader (2012)

During a patrol in Iraq Spanish column of cars is hit by a roadside bomb. Pablo and Diego survived the explosion, but they have to hide from the Iraqi resistance fighters...

The Misfit Brigade 1987 war movie

The Misfit Brigade (1987)

German 27th Panzer Regiment is sent back to the Eastern Front. The regiment is a penal unit formed out of "expendable" soldiers - politically unwanted or with criminal re...

Beaufort 2007 war movie

Beaufort (2007)

Israeli soldiers are defending the Beaufort Castle, a crusades-era fortress in Lebanon. They are under constant bombardment from mortars and the roads around them are ful...

Based on out reviews we have prepared the best war movies ranking. Of course the ranking is the effect of our personal preferences and could be different from yours.

Band of Brothers 2001 war movie

Band of Brothers (2001)

In 1942 men of Easy Company 101st Airborne division are in the middle of their training. It is unusual unit and their training is unusual - they are paratroopers, the new...

Saving Private Ryan 1998 war movie

Saving Private Ryan (1998)

D-Day, the turning point of World War 2, is about to begin - American landing troops approach the Omaha Beach in landing crafts that can’t give much protection against Ge...

Seven Samurai 1954 war movie

Seven Samurai (1954)

In medieval Japan secluded village in the mountains is harassed by the horde of bandits that come back from time to time and steal all their food. The farmers are poor an...

Computer games often are based on war movies or inspired by them, that is why we decided to include them in our website as classic war games section.

Wolfpack 1990 war game

Wolfpack (1990)

Wolfpack was published in 1990 by Brøderbund Software and even though it was advertised as submarine simulator (to quote "precise simulation" with "unprecedented rea...

Advanced Destroyer Simulator 1990 war game

Advanced Destroyer Simulator (1990)

French company Futura Games in 1989 released their first game that introduced 3D graphics, M4 Sherman. The graphics were rather poor - very simple vector objects and far ...

The Train: Escape to Normandy 1987 war game

The Train: Escape to Normandy (1987)

Year 1944 in occupied France, group of French resistance fighters take over the train and heads towards Normandy, where they could be under protection of Allied forces th...

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